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We started this Academy because we want to educate people on Functional Training, Innovation, Importance of motivation and Assertive Correction and in the end we want you or your clients to get better faster results.

About Us

The main difference between F45 and other programs out there is that we have fun! We work in teams, supporting and motivating each other towards improving our health and fitness, and making our daily lives easier and happier.

The F45 Academy teaches F45 Training, which pulls together the most advanced and effective methods of functional training to ensure that you achieve the highest levels of fitness and gain extensive practical experience.

We will not be satisfied until you have the skills, knowledge and confidence you need to create safe functional workouts that challenge and motivate yourself and your clients.

Daniel Conn

Why F45 Academy

Our carefully crafted exercise techniques target the entire neuromuscular system and ensure overall improvement of strength, ability and performance in all aspects of our lives. This is a key difference from traditional training methods, which tend to isolate muscles in a stable, controlled environment – nothing like the real world!

We also recognise the need to prepare you to utilise that training to build a career. We provide extensive training in business principles, and access to integrated training management systems that allow you to seamlessly manage both the training and the business aspects of your new career.

Who Can Join

F45 Academy is open to all ages, genders and fitness levels.

Some of our members simply want a better understanding of functional training methods for self-improvement or are just starting out in the fitness arena and want to learn the skills to run training sessions. Others are accredited trainers looking to refine their skills and learn innovative new techniques. Many are keen to become part of the F45 Training community as one of our instructors.

No matter what your goals, we can help you reach them.

Key Ingredients

F45 Academy understands the importance of teaching training methods safely, and this essentially comes down to making sure our students understand the how and why behind functional movement patterns first.

You will be carefully guided through varied and creative exercises and given personal attention to achieve maximum results. The programs developed and practised by F45 Training are challenging yet easy to follow, always following the key principles of variation, functional life movement and teamwork.

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