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Owners, Coaches & CF Trainers. Pre & Post Natal Exercise Fundamentals.

August 12, 2017, 10:45am - August 11, 2017, 11:00pm

Too many women leave the Box as soon as they find out they are pregnant, largely due to doctors recommending they avoid CrossFit throughout pregnancy. Dr Brandi Cole, our Regional CrossFit Doctor, and the UB Mumma team are hosting the "In The Box" series of workshops to address this ongoing issue. Dr Brandi will take workshop participants through RX to Birth and Birth to RX, acknowledging the challenges throughout each stage. This seminar will teach you key fundamentals to ensure your members are supported in a safe environment, preparing them for the best possible delivery & a safe recovery before returning to the Box. Dr Brandi is in her first trimester with her second child & is currently dialoguing her pregnancy. When she is not CrossFitting herself she is diagnosing and treating sports and other injuries, operating in theatres and assisting Box Owners, Coaches, and Members. With a background in Medicine, Physiotherapy and Elite sports, Dr Brandi brings her professional and personal experience to this workshop to inform and advise you on working with pre and post-natal women, to motivate, safely train and importantly, retain them as clients through their pregnancy, into motherhood and beyond. Join us as we network together to build an informed CrossFit community. This Seminar is Limited to 30 Participants ONLY.

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Just one of the 3 sessions at a warm 1-2 degrees!!! Commitment, positive energy and getting fit while having fun! That's how we roll baby!!!
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Tag your name or your crew if you came!!!
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