Daniel Conn.... 
The Story So Far

Dan Conn has been on fascinating journey coming from way out in the Australian outback and into the professional sport as a 15 year old.
He then went on to have a 8 year career in the NRL and fell in love with Health, fitness and helping people with their Wellness journeys.
 From the world of professional sport he educated, listened and learnt all there is to understand about physical and mental health and fitness...

Our mental health the same as we train for our physical health...

Through coming together and connecting about the real issues that we all struggle with, thats when we grow. Dan is on a mission to capture creative hearts and minds to follow the movements of a happier, healthier and more connected community... Anywhere in the world.

Positive Vibes Only

Why we have to keep active...

Training is one of the many ways we can challenge ourselves both physically and mentally. 
So much information out there these days can misguide and miss-inform and confuse people on a very simple way of a clean and healthy lifestyle... Move, Sweat, Meditate, Mindfulness, Connection... All the things that Dan is so passionate about and puts into his new ventures...

The systems, products and methods that Dan lives his life for and talks about is what true to him. Everyone is different and has different ways for personal success so he understands that giving people options to try, challenge and grow with is key for a better understanding of WHO YOU ARE and how YOU can get the best out of yourself everyday.
It may be performance at work, better focus, better training, better gut health, smarter recovery... Innovation never stops and neither will Dan's quest to help others

In The Media

At 17, Dan began playing NRL at an elite level going on to enjoy a stellar ten-year career with the Roosters, Gold Coast Titans and Canterbury Bulldogs. He has been a public figure in sport for years, regularly appearing on national media, local media and recently in international media.
Damera shy... Not Dan!

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